Adam Mickiewicz Institute granted Marcin Losik Trio financial support from "Polish Culture Around the World Program" due to upcoming concerts in Western Europe. I want to thank Adam Mickiewicz Institute for supporting us.

Marcin Losik Trio will be on tour soon! We will visit five cities in two countries. The most important part of the tour will be a concert in "Jazz Folk and Bike Festival". We will play also in Bremem, Berlin, Poznan, Warsaw. The tour starts in May 30'th at "12on14" club. The tour ends in June 11'th in Blue Note Poznan.

Next Wednesday 13.04.2016 we would like to invite you for our concert in Pałac Szustra in Warsaw. The concert starts at 7:30 p.m.

photo: Krzysztof Machowina.

Now you may listen tunes from "Emotional Phrasing" on the JAZZ.FM radio.

The program "Malo Obiektywnie" with me is ready to be listened on the website of Polish Radio Three.
On this Saturday, 13.02.2016 at 10:05 p.m. I will be a guest of the program of Mariusz Owczarek called "Malo Obiektywnie", broadcasting by Polish Radio Three.
Next week in Poznan on Saturday I'm playing a solo concert at The Piano House (Swiety Wojciech 7/8).

Upcoming concert I dedicate to all of you who would like to see how I create my music, how it is being tranformed, how my impresions come real shape. This concert will be broadcast live over Radio Afera Poznan.
The "Emotional Phrasing" is currently scheduled to be released in April 2015 by Dot Time Records, New York jazz record label. You may Pre-Order it now on Dot Time Records website.
Today our promo moovie "Emotional Phrasing" was published on YouTube by our agent Jan Fritz. This is the link.
Our promo moovie is being edited.
Emotional Phrasing is allready after the mastering stage.
We are quite tired because of this two nights of recording sessions. It was very intensive and I think we did our best. I'd like to thank Robert Rasz and Ksawery Wojcinski for the huge efford and engagement. I'd like to thank also Bozena Mieczkowska for a good coordination of our termins of recordings. Also I'd like to thank Michal Nowakowski and Andzej Szulc for making the pictures to the moovie and I want to thank to Krzysztof Machowina for great pictures. And of course I'd like to thank Tadeusz Mieczkowski for bringing to this production a great professionalism and passion.
Our debut album will be entitled "Emotional Phrasing". I have created this material for years, so it contains a wide range of inspirations. Album will be released by Dot Time Records at the beginning of 2015. I'm very happy about it. We're going to record on July 5'th and July 6'th in Recording Studios of Polish Radio in Warsaw. Tadeusz Mieczkowaski will be our sound engineer. Also a promotional moovie and the pictures will be made during our recording sessions.

Jazz Ahead Bremen.

Picture with John J. A. Kreuger and Johanan Bickhardt. Those pictures were made at Jazz im Fluss 2014, which is a part of clubnight events during Jazz Ahead Trade Fairs.